We meet every Monday at 4:30pm ET in CS 302 over Zoom to discuss the impacts and ethics of computing. Topics range from privacy and surveillance issues to education, security to labor policies.

Come because you believe these conversations are important to have.

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Monday 4/6: Cyber Warfare

Individual cyber criminals steal credit card information. State-sponsored hackers destroy nuclear plants. Join us as we discuss the known cyber capabilities of nations, and what a full-scale cyber war between governments would look like.

Sandun Bambarandage '20

Monday 4/13: AR, VR, & Brain-Machine Interfaces

Theodor Marcu '20

Past Topics

Monday 3/30: Industry's Influence on Academia

How do tech companies influence academic research, education, and student culture? How does this manifest at Princeton?

Prof. Jennifer Rexford

Monday 3/23: Software Ownership & Control

Should companies own fan-made modifications of their software? Should Google allow adblockers in Chrome? Should we all just go open source?

Alec Leng '21

Monday 3/9: Education and Technology

As technology infiltrates classrooms, who’s really benefiting? Do kindergartners learn better on iPads? Is social media presence a useful metric for school admissions? What student data is being collected and sold under our noses?

Ross Teixeira, CITP Doctoral Student

Monday 3/2: Visions of the Future

Will facial recognition create a surveillance dystopia? How soon will we have to bow to our new AI overlords? Is it even possible to answer these questions? Come join us for a conversation on how today's emerging technologies could affect our lives in the years to come (with a little help from science fiction!).

Sandun Bambarandage '20

Monday 2/24: The Ethics of Countering Disinformation

Warning messages can help counter disinformation online, but should we use them? How should we weigh the risks of censorship, false positives, and backfire effects? Facing these risks, what is the right approach for policymaking?

Ben Kaiser, CITP Doctoral Student

Monday 2/17: Issues in Facial Recognition & Surveillance

What are the moral, ethical, and legal implications of applying facial recognition to body cameras and surveillance cameras? (How) should we regulate facial recognition technology in the public and private sphere? How does facial recognition change the nature of protest?

Ayushi Sinha '20

Monday 2/10: Amazon & Anti-Competitive Practice

Is Amazon engaging in anti-competitive behavior? How can/should regulators respond?

Maia Hamin '20, Sabrina Reguyal '22

Monday 2/3: Labor Battles in Big Tech

What are tech workers organizing for? How are companies striking back?

Robert Liu '20